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A Note from Mary Ann

Mary Ann Liebert

Other than the cold weather and grey skies, I love January; it is the official start of the new year, and I am full of energy and new thoughts and ideas for these changing times. Certainly they are uncertain times, and there are many issues that are of great concern, among them the dissemination of information. Addressing these concerns and ensuring transparency is an urgent priority, and I am personally working with our Editors-in-Chief, Editorial Board members, and authors to help us achieve these important imperatives. In addition to peer-reviewed content, we will encourage meaningful opinion pieces. We have to look forward and take whatever action we can so that funding for research will not be reduced and peer-reviewed content is not compromised by federal mandates that are unwise and potentially harmful.

I’m delighted to introduce you to Wendy Newsham, our new Director of Institutional Sales and Business Development. Wendy’s experience and expertise in scholarly publishing is highly acknowledged, and we are very happy that she accepted our invitation to join our team.

Two new journals will make contributions to the literature and to the advancement of the fields they serve. Gender and the Genome puts forth an innovative approach that will advance our knowledge of gender-based biology and how it relates to the genome. It is the future. Achieving Health Equity is such an important goal, and again we hope that this new Journal will move forward and enable its mission.

Read more below about our Liebert Open Access site, the conferences we plan to attend (and look forward to seeing you there!) and new Editors-in-Chief.

Last, but not least, think creatively about Tote Vote 2017 and send us your ideas!

My staff and I hope that 2017 will be a year of many blessings. Please keep in touch!

Mary Ann
Founder, President, and CEO

News & Information

Introductions All Around

We couldn’t be more pleased to introduce Liebert Link readers to Wendy Newsham, our new Director of Institutional Sales and Business Development.  You’ll be hearing from her in every issue in 2017, and her first dispatch gives a peek inside her history, her personality, and her future with Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. We know once you read her column, you’ll be as excited to welcome her to Team Liebert as we are!

The Next Summit

Wendy Newsham  

Two and a half years ago, two of my best friends and I decided we needed a big goal, something ambitious that would help define the next stage of our lives. Each of us had children that would be leaving for college in August of 2015 and to us, this meant we were entering a phase in which our daily lives would no longer focus on the finite needs of our kids. We could be defined as singular people, strong and independent. We needed to develop our own brands. It all started innocently enough, one friend fired an email to our little group chat and said, “Hey, let’s do a big hike in September.” Sure, sounds fun! I had never hiked a step in my life, but hey, I’m a competitive distance runner, I’m wickedly fit—hiking is just walking through the woods. What’s the big deal?

So…I was wrong. Hiking is not walking through the woods. Hiking is hard core, muscle wrenching, sweat pouring climbing of big, rocky mountains. At least it is in New Hampshire where we live (one friend lives in MA, but we forgive that one weakness). We made our plans, bought our gear, did a lot of smaller hikes to get ready, and on September 7th, 2015 we set out on our 4-day, 28-mile trek across what’s known as the Presi Traverse. It crosses 8 summits greater than 4,000 ft in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains. It’s serious hiking. We stayed in primitive huts and carried everything we’d need for 4 days in our packs.

What does a Presi Traverse have to do with scholarly publishing, and why am I writing about it in my rookie column in Liebert Link? Because that hike was transformational for me. A lot happens to a person when hiking in the wilderness, mostly above tree line with spectacular views that change with every footfall. You gain fresh perspective on life and how to live it. You realize that you can exist with only the belongings you carry on your back. You don’t need to be tethered to society by electronic leashes. You make your own way and you should savor every moment. But mostly, opportunities don’t happen by chance, they’re made possible by the efforts you exert. We wouldn’t have seen those spectacular views, or had the amazing conversations with people if we hadn’t climbed those mountains.

My 25+ year career started in “el-hi” publishing (elementary and high school text books), and the most recent 13 years have been in scholarly publishing spanning many areas including manufacturing, content production, distribution, editorial services, peer review management, and most recently, online hosting. So when Marianne Russell, COO of Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers, contacted me out of the blue and asked if I would like to join their organization, I was caught a little off guard because while I had worked with her and others at MAL for several months on a particular project, I hadn’t considered actually working here. But, from the moment she opened the conversation I thought, this is the opportunity I’ve been working for all these years. My career has been my Presi Traverse, and my role at MAL is my Mt. Madison.

Wendy Newsham  
The morning of the final day of our hike, my friend Lisa and I finished breakfast and bounded up Mt. Madison (5,233 vertical ft of “bounding”). That day was my birthday (really, it was my birthday) and as I stood on that summit and looked out on the most perfect morning scene—the sun crossing over the Pemi Wilderness and Mt. Washington in the distance beyond Mts. Adams and Jefferson which we had crossed the day before, I soaked in the feeling of power from what we’d accomplished that week. Later, as we picked our way down the Airline Trail to our truck and civilization (and need I mention, soap), we agreed we were all changed as a result of that hike. We would live our lives striving for fulfillment of our souls. Now I’m thrilled to apply that vigor to the position of Director of Institutional Sales and Business Development, and bring my voice to Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. publishers.

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Back by Popular Demand: Tote Vote

Help us design our 2017 tote!  

We are excited to announce that Tote Vote is back and better than ever for 2017! Do you have a great idea for a slogan to beat past submissions like “My Library Has Issues” or “I <3 Journals”? A witty play on words? A librarian pun you’ve been dying to share? Send them all to for the chance to see your submission at the polling sites—in Baltimore at ACRL, Austin at ER&L, Seattle at the MLA, Phoenix at the SLA, on Twitter @LiebertPub, or in a future issue of Liebert Link!

New Year, New Journals Launch

Gender and the Genome  

We are pleased to announce that the first papers have been published in the new peer-reviewed journal Gender and the Genome. Through evidence-based original research, reviews, perspectives, and commentaries, Gender and the Genome explores how the new science of the 21st century is profoundly influenced by biological sex and is critical for all collections serving researchers in molecular biology, epidemiology, immunology, anthropology, and sociology/social science.

Health Equity  

Health Equity is a new, peer reviewed, open access journal that will serve as a primary resource for organizations and individuals who serve vulnerable populations at the community, state, regional, tribal, and national levels. The Journal will be a critical and timely source of information for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers; policymakers; psychologists and social workers; educators; and researchers; among others.

Health Equity is supported by a generous grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to ensure that it is accessible as widely as possible.

Contact us today to find out more about these new titles!

New Editorial Leadership

Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders  

Adrian Vella, MD has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders effective immediately. Dr. Vella is currently Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and has been on staff at Mayo Clinic Rochester since June 2001. Dr. Vella is the research chair for the endocrine division. He has recently served as Associate Editor of Diabetes; Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Endocrine Practice; and PLOS ONE.

Industrial Biotechnology  

Adelheid (Heidi) R. Kuehnle, PhD assumed the role of Co-Editor-in-Chief of Industrial Biotechnology at the start of 2017. The move into the Co-Editor-in-Chief position comes after serving many years on the Editorial Board of Industrial Biotechnology, where she contributed original research articles and participated in peer-review activities. She represents a younger generation of innovators and entrepreneurs that are competing for a share of the global bioeconomy. Launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of the platform, featuring the company’s open access publications and services in one online destination. offers an intuitive interface and tools to help authors and researchers discover open access content and explore Liebert Open Access publishing services.

This new platform is an important resource for the scientific community to discover the growing database of open access articles, publications, and services, and provides authors with enhanced discoverability for their work.

Visit today for a full description of features, benefits, and content.

Come See Us

Stop by our booth to pick up materials, meet our staff, and more at these upcoming conferences:

National Conference on Management of Modern Libraries (NACML)Represented by ACCUCOMS          
February 19–20, 2017, Manipal, India

SLA/AGC—Represented by ACCUCOMS
March 7–9, 2017, Manama,Bahrain

Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL)
March 22–25, 2017, Baltimore, MD

Medical Library Conference Taiwan (TMLA)—Represented by ACCUCOMS
March 30–31, 2017, Taipei, Taiwan

Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L)
April 2–5, 2017, Austin, TX

ANKOS Turkey—Represented by ACCUCOMS
April 4–8, 2017, Antalya, Turkey

UKSG 40th Annual Conference and Exhibition: HarrogateRepresented by Burgundy    
April 10–12, 2017, Harrogate, UK

In the News

A selection of some of our latest, groundbreaking research making headlines right now:

Healthcare Under Trump: Here’s the Deal—A Manifesto for Change

The Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine and Gender and the Genome (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers) Announce the Robert S. Birch $25,000 Award Competition for the Best Original Research Paper or Commentary

Experts Debate Benefits and Challenges of New American Thyroid Association Guidelines for Managing Hyperthyroidism and Thyrotoxicosis

Lessons Learned When Commercialization of a New Soft Robot Fails

An Important Statement from Editor-in-Chief Dr. William Byne in Advance of the Presidential Inauguration

New Study Examines the Health Benefits of Blue Corn

Harvard Study Assesses Medical Students' Cultural Competency

New Guidelines for Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy Published in Thyroid Journal

Evaluating Tissue Response to Biomaterials with a New Bone-Implant Interaction Model 

Katherine High Discusses Progress and Challenges in Gene Therapy for Hemophilia and Inherited Retinopathies

View our complete list of press releases here.

This Issue's Featured Journal: Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics

Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics

Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics is the only peer-reviewed journal providing healthcare professionals with information on new devices, drugs, drug delivery systems, and software for managing patients with diabetes. This leading international journal delivers practical information and comprehensive coverage of cutting-edge technologies and therapeutics in the field.

Under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief Satish K. Garg, MD, University of Colorado Denver, Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics is a critical holding for any library serving programs, researchers, or practitioners in endocrinology, pediatrics, family practice, diabetes clinics, diabetes equipment manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, and more.

Contact us to learn more about adding Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics to your collection.


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