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Mary Ann Liebert

MAL's Typewriter

The original piece of technology used to launch Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. on March 1, 1980


When I walk into our bright and wonderful offices every day, I am amazed at what we have accomplished. And although I am someone who is totally focused in the present, I sometimes look back to the beginning, when the company was just one desk in a corner of my living room. A small desk, a big dream, and a commitment to science that has never abated. In fact, it is always growing, and my curiosity seems to know no limits. I talk about this with scientists, researchers, and clinicians who publish in our journals. Because of the size of the company now, I don’t get to many library meetings the way I once did; I miss that, and I hope you will keep in touch.

I remember years ago when a huge publisher came to me (hoping to acquire us) and threatened that an independent company like mine could not survive in the era of The Big Deal. Happily, we are not only surviving but continue to be lauded for our prescience. I am still delighted to be told that, and I am extremely proud of the fact that nascent journals play an important role in the advancement of a field and help attract funding from both the public and private sectors.

I hope you value our commitment, renew your current subscriptions, and subscribe to new journals that will greatly impact advancing research and its clinical applications.

Your support is essential. We want you to have choices; we do not, nor will we ever, lock you into those Big Deals that are essential to publicly-held companies whose priority is to satisfy stockholder expectations. This year, we are designating the highly esteemed organization Research!America for our charitable giving. If you don’t already know it, you should. For your health and the generations to follow, biomedical research must be robustly funded, and Research!America drives support on Capitol Hill.

Yours 24/7,
Mary Ann
Founder, President, and CEO

Sales News & Information

It’s Time to Renew & Expand

Your 2019 renewal information will be arriving soon. In addition to renewing your subscriptions early and securing uninterrupted access for your users, renewal season is also an opportunity to enhance your collection with new or complementary journals. Your account representative is ready to help you renew, learn about additional titles relevant to your collection, discuss our titles that are new for 2019, Autism in Adulthood, Bioelectricity and Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, and to advise you of special offers and discounts.

Special Offer for Liebert Link Readers

If you want to add 2018 titles, it’s not too late! We will activate access NOW while we await payment so incoming students and faculty will have immediate access to new content!

Reach out to your Sales Representative or contact us to learn more today!

#ToteVote2018: The Polls are Closed

…And the winner is: My Archive Has Back Issues! Thank you to all who visited us at MLA and SLA, to all who voted online, and to all who sent us feedback and made this another successful #ToteVote campaign! Tote design is underway and finished totes will be in the mail to all who voted by mid-August.

It's not too late to claim your bag! If you didn’t get the chance to vote or see us at a conference, please reach out to request a bag today.

Journal News & Information

Historic Growth in Impact Factors

As June wound down and summer temperatures ramped up, the annual event known as Impact Factor Day arrived when Clarivate Analytics released the new Journal Citation Reports. We were beyond thrilled with the results! The portfolio now boasts the highest average impact factor in the history of the company.

More than 50% of our portfolio saw double-digit percentage increases in impact factors, including Thyroid with a 37% increase and new impact factor of 7.557; AIDS Patient Care and STDs, with a 25% increase and new impact factor of 4.041; LGBT Health, with a 22% increase and new impact factor of 2.514, and a first impact factor of 5.2 for Advances in Wound Care

Flagship publications Human Gene Therapy and Tissue Engineering also saw growth in their impact factors and reinforced their positions as leaders in their respective fields. Human Gene Therapy Methods saw an impressive increase of 23%.

Frequency Increases

The following titles will see frequency increases in 2018:

END Journal Cover

Journal of Endourology will grow in its position as the leading peer-reviewed journal program focused on minimally invasive urology. Beginning in 2019, a subscription will include access to Journal of Endourology, JE Case Reports, and Videourology.
Increasing from 18 to 22 issues

3DP Journal Cover

Increasing from 4 to 6 issues

Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research to Become Hybrid Publication

Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, the premier journal dedicated to cannabis and cannabinoid science, will be transitioning to a hybrid publication model in January 2019. This move will open the door for increased levels of high-quality scholarship dedicated to the scientific, medical, and psychosocial exploration of clinical cannabis, cannabinoids, and endocannabinoids, while giving authors more options during the publication process.

New 2019 Titles Now Available for Subscription

-AUT-BIOE Journal Cover

Don’t forget to add our forthcoming titles to your collection! Your account representative is ready to discuss these with you.

New Title and New Editorial Leadership

PHO Cover

Due to the growing research and interest in photobiomodulation, Photomedicine and Laser Surgery will expand its scope and title to Photobiomodulation, Photomedicine, and Laser Surgery in January 2019. We are pleased to announce that Michael R. Hamblin, PhD will join the journal as Editor-in-Chief in August 2018. Dr. Hamblin is a Principal Investigator at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, and an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School.

Give Your Users Access to Biotech’s #1 News Source

GEN Cover

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) is the most trusted voice in the biotech and life sciences industry, delivering cutting-edge news and analysis of the technologies, applications, and trends driving the future. A subscription to GEN is surefire way to guarantee your users have access to the most significant up-to-date life sciences industry information.

This Issue’s Featured Journal:

JCAP Journal Cover

Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology (JCAP) is the premier peer-reviewed journal covering the clinical aspects of treating this patient population with psychotropic medications including side effects and interactions, standard doses, and research on new and existing medications. The Journal includes information on related areas of medical sciences such as advances in developmental pharmacokinetics, developmental neuroscience, metabolism, nutrition, molecular genetics, and more.

Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology is under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief Harold S. Koplewicz, MD, Child Mind Institute and Executive Editor Ron Steingard, MD, Child Mind Institute. It is essential for collections serving psychiatrists, developmental psychiatrists, and neuroscientists, among others.

In the News

A selection of some of our latest, groundbreaking research making headlines right now:

Significant Discrepancies Found in Prescription Drug Labeling Pregnancy Information Across Four Countries

What’s in an Egg? Oocyte Factors that can Reprogram Adult Cells

Bitmap-Based 3D Printing Achieves More Accurate and Precise Physical Models from Patient Imaging Data

Joslin Researchers Report Excessive Fetal Growth Despite Well-Controlled Type 1 Diabetes

Researchers Show CRISPR Genome Editing Technology Can Correct Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

Breastfeeding Mothers Stop Nursing Sooner when Living with Smokers

Decellularized Cartilage-Based Scaffold Promotes Bone Regeneration at Fracture Site

New Guide for Using Mechanical Stimulation to Improve Tissue-Engineered Cartilage

Violence Against Women Significantly More Likely After High-Risk Sex

Addgene Keeps Flow of CRISPR Plasmids Fast and Affordable

View our complete list of press releases here.

Come See Us

Stop by our booth to pick up materials, meet our staff, and more at these upcoming conferences:

Medical Library Conference Taiwan (TMLA) — Represented by Accucoms
August 23–24, 2018; Taiwan

International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) and World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) — Represented by Accucoms
August 24–30, 2018; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

JMLA/JPLA Consortium – Represented by Bureau Hosoya
September 4, 2018; Tokyo, Japan

Entre Pares – Represented by PCG
September 10–11, 2018; Puebla, Mexico

Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association (MW/MLA)
October 5–8, 2018; Cleveland, OH

Frankfurt Book Fair – Represented by Burgundy
October 10–14, 2018; Frankfurt, Germany

Sales Call!

Dispatches from Wendy Newsham, Director of Institutional Sales and Business Development

Wendy Newsham  

I get to work with Mary Ann Liebert every day. Sure, I work “for” the company, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., which is wonderful on its own. But I get to work with Mary Ann. She and I communicate daily about research that’s being done at various institutions and how critical it is that they take certain journals on that topic. She is intimately involved with the science as well as the business, and THAT’s what makes our journals as important as they are.

Mary Ann is a woman who is passionate about the science and its dissemination, not about shareholders because we have none. Mary Ann knows the Editors-in-Chief of each of our journals. She has been a regular fixture in the science community and has served on numerous advisory boards and philanthropic ventures.

Because this company is independently owned and operated by Mary Ann Liebert, we are a budget-conscious, tightly-run organization that thinks about one thing: publishing high-end specialty research. We don’t consume thousands of square feet at the big library meetings, or resort to razzle dazzle; rather, we work hard to arrange one-on-one meetings with key librarians. Mary Ann wants to know the scientists and the science, and she wants to know the librarians who are making the decisions to license our journals. For many years she attended the library meetings herself, but as the company and our title list grew, her time became limited and she counted on us to carry on her commanding presence at conferences and meetings.

We rely solely on the fact that researchers who study in the fields in which we publish recognize that our journals are where the best work will be found. The usage might not be as high as that of the “big guys,” but each use is profoundly critical. Usage of our content is derived by an investigator seeking high-quality research in their area of study. They use it because it’s important — if only a usage-quality measurement existed!

There is a Mary Ann Liebert at Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. and that makes a difference. Those of us who work with this great company giggle when we hear or say this because it’s said so frequently — because it’s TRUE. Mary Ann enjoys speaking to and learning from librarians — please do reach out if you want to talk to her!

On the Road

In June, we were delighted to host our global sales team for a conference here in New York. In addition to several days of meetings and strategizing and planning at our offices in New Rochelle, we gave the team a taste of America’s Pastime by taking everyone to a Mets baseball game!

Sales and Marketing Mets Game

The 2018 Sales and Marketing Team celebrating another fantastic year!

Meanwhile, PCG account represenative Joao Marcos did the rest of the On the Road heavy lifting this season…

SNBU Brazil

…Representing us at SNBU in Brazil


…And making many, many, many site visits in Peru!


For comprehensive information specifically for libraries, including account management, customer support, catalogs, and detailed product information, please visit our Librarian Resource Center.

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