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A Note from Mary Ann

Mary Ann Liebert

From my point of view, the New Year begins in September, probably because it is the start of the school year. A high energy person by nature, I am bursting with new ideas and gobble up information everywhere I can. So I was delighted to be invited to be interviewed in the magazine CEO FORUM, which has just been published. It gave me the opportunity to speak, in my own voice; to introduce myself personally as well as professionally. I hope you will read it; just visit our website and click on the image in the center. (I must admit, however, that it is really even better in print!)

One of the things I am most proud of is that our publications strive to enhance collaborations. Undoubtedly, it is collaborations that will stimulate new thinking and approaches to specific endeavors. The late Mary Lasker—philanthropist and health activist—was a wonderful mentor, and she became a very close friend. She emphasized the urgency for researchers and clinicians to interact with those in fields that were not generally within their universe. The late Ray Kroc espoused this philosophy as well. And so do I.

I also very much believe in serendipity. So when I launch a new publication, I like to foster its contribution to new discoveries and new applications. I hope you recognize its value and will encourage your readers to look at publications that may not be ordinarily on their radar. There is excitement, importance, and many rewards from expanding one’s horizons and making discoveries by chance as well.

Mary Ann
Founder, President, and CEO

News & Information

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Leaves changing color. Pumpkin spice lattes. Sweater weather. All signs of fall here at Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers in New York. Another surefire sign of the season is the dispatch of renewal notices! By now, you should have received your renewal packet from us. Contact us today to:

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2017 Publications Catalogs Available Online

Our Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. 2017 Publications Catalogs are now available on our website for your immediate access. Download our complete catalog today to review our full title list, including our open access publications.

Our subject collection listings are also available—including Biotechnology and Regenerative Medicine, Surgery, Clinical Medicine, Public Health, Technology and Engineering, Environmental Studies, and more.

Indexing News for Two of Our Titles

Soft Robotics  

We are pleased to announce that two of our titles have been accepted to leading indexes:

Soft Robotics  
Violence and Gender has been accepted for inclusion in PubMed Central and Medical Acupuncture has been accepted for inclusion in Web of Science Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI).

Office Hours with Soft Robotics Editor-in-Chief Barry Trimmer

Soft Robotics  

We were thrilled to host Tufts University’s Barry Trimmer, Editor-in-Chief of Soft Robotics, in our New Rochelle offices in mid-September. This journal, now in its third year, is already leaving an indelible mark, rising to the top-ranked publication in the field and earning a first impact factor of 6.130! We have all been eager to learn as much as possible about this burgeoning discipline, and Dr. Trimmer came armed with fascinating facts, interesting findings, and, ok, some hilarious YouTube videos of robots!

Dr Trimmer

Dr. Trimmer gave an informative and fun presentation on the state of soft robotics as a discipline, from its inception, to its present-day, to its limitless future. Our marketing, sales, and editorial teams were enlightened as to how the field is more than robots—it’s a technology that touches biomedicine, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, AI, and more, with applications in areas as diverse as prosthetics, construction, search and rescue, and personal health care.

We learned so much and we’d love to share it with you – contact us to find out more!

Come See Us

Stop by our booth to pick up materials, meet our staff, and more at these upcoming conferences:

54th COBEM - Brazilian Congress of Medical Education Represented by ACCUCOMS
October 10 – 16, Asa Norte, Brazil

Korean Medical Library Association Represented by EBSCO
October 13 – 16, Buyeo, South Korea

XIX-SNBU Represented by ACCUCOMS
October 15–21, Manaus, Brazil

Mid-Continental Chapter of the MLA (MCMLA)
October 21–24,

National Convention of Knowledge, Library, and Information Networking (NACLIN) Represented by ACCUCOMS
October 26–28, Assam, India

JBDURepresented by ACCUCOMS
November 3–4, Argentina

Arab Federation for Libraries and Information (AFLI) Represented by ACCUCOMS
November 7–9, Cairo, Egypt

KNVIRepresented by Burgundy
November 9–10, The Netherlands

Planner Conference 2016 Represented by ACCUCOMS
November 9–16, Shillong, India

UKSG Forum Represented by Burgundy
November 16–19, London, UK

FIL Guadalajara Represented by ACCUCOMS
November 26–December 4,Guadalajara, Mexico

International Conference on Digital Libraries Represented by ACCUCOMS
December 14–16, New Delhi, India

In the News

A selection of some of our latest, groundbreaking research making headlines right now:

Long-Term Study Shows Less Frequent and Severe Pancreatitis Following Gene Therapy for LPLD  

Impact of BREXIT on Gene and Cell Therapy in the UK  

Study Demonstrates Feasibility of Therapeutic Gene Delivery for Inherited Retinal Degeneration in Children  

Gene Editing of Blood Stem Cells Can Correct Disease-Causing Mutations 

Overcoming Barriers to Sexual Healthcare for Bisexual Adolescent Girls

Advances in Stem Cell Therapy to Treat Neurogenetic Diseases

Do Women Still Visit an Ob/Gyn in Their Post-Reproductive Years?

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Offer Treatments for Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease?

Beyond Violence Intervention Targets Long-term Female Inmates

Cryostorage and Thawing Temperatures Critical to Survival of Bioengineered Liver Tissue

View our complete list of press releases here.

This Issue's Featured Journal: Human Gene Therapy

Violence and Gender

Human Gene Therapy is the premier, multidisciplinary journal covering all aspects of gene therapy. The Journal publishes in-depth coverage of DNA, RNA, and cell therapies by delivering the latest breakthroughs in research and technologies.

The Journal is divided into three parts: Human Gene Therapy, the flagship, is published 12 times per year. HGT Methods, a bimonthly journal, focuses on the applications of gene therapy to product testing and development. HGT Clinical Development, a quarterly journal, serves as a venue for publishing data relevant to the regulatory review and commercial development of cell and gene therapy products.

Human Gene Therapy was voted one of the most influential journals in Biology and Medicine over the last 100 years by the Biomedical & Life Sciences Division of the Special Libraries Association. It is a critical holding for any library serving programs in genetics, molecular biology, virology, stem cell research, and more.

Contact us to learn more about adding Human Gene Therapy to your collection.


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