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A Note from Mary Ann

Mary Ann Liebert

Every so often, I wonder whether abstracts of papers in peer-reviewed journals need a new mandate.

Many researchers and clinicians say openly that they only read the abstracts in a journal and read the paper only if the abstract is compelling. In approximately 250 words, a study is summarized and the conclusion is included.

I worry about that—especially in papers that have immediate clinical relevance. According to Wikipedia, the idiom “the devil is in the details” has been attributed to a number of different individuals. No matter who said it first,  it is a wise commentary. Important details in a study are often lumped into the discussion part of the paper. For example, the discussion of a particular new therapeutic drug or device may include an important exception: “This treatment is not appropriate for anyone who is taking…” This exception, which may not be included in the abstract, is a very important consideration.

Sometimes, I have pondered whether the conclusion of a study should be included in an abstract. I think of abstracts as CliffsNotes, which are fine for a generalized understanding but leave out comments that could have serious implications for patient care, or even an attempt to duplicate research (another issue in itself).

From time to time, I have voiced my concern about the limitations of abstracts with some of our Editors. I have suggested that conclusions should not be included in abstracts, hoping that the reader will then read the entire paper. My point is always well taken, but so far, no one has stepped up to the plate to try it.

Am I deterred? Not really, because I think my point is important. Clearly I am not suggesting we rethink the concept of the abstract for every paper, but I feel strongly that—like so many other changes in the peer review process and publication—it needs to be addressed.

In many situations, a problem is often lumped into “let’s form a committee,” tabling what may be a provocative discussion that may find proponents uncomfortable. I’m generally not a fan of committees, but I always welcome input and would like to discuss new approaches to abstracts with any of you or your readers who are willing to examine new frontiers. If you know of any pertinent discussions related to this, please let me know; and I welcome your own opinion and suggestions.

Mary Ann
Founder, President, and CEO

News & Information

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Inspiration and Affirmation Found at Austin’s ER&L

Earlier this month we attended the Electronic Resources & Libraries conference in Austin, TX for the first time. In addition to enjoying great BBQ and Tex-Mex, we relished the opportunity to put faces with existing clients, and to meet so many new people as well.  

Several ER&L sessions addressed issues and topics related to discovery, analysis of usage stats, and metadata exchange between publishers, vendors, and libraries. These are issues of great importance to Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.!  One of our 2016 initiatives is to ensure that metadata from all of our journals are indexed in the major discovery services as supporting the visibility of your electronic resources is a top priority. As always, we welcome your questions and your feedback!

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Web of Science™ Core Collection Acceptance for Big Data

Big Data  

We are pleased to announce that Big Data has been accepted for inclusion in Web of Science™ Core Collection and eagerly awaits its first impact factor! Big Data is the highly innovative peer-reviewed forum for world-class research exploring the challenges and opportunities in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating vast amounts of data, including data science, big data infrastructure and analytics, and pervasive computing.

Learn more about adding the Journal to your library.

New Editorial Leadership
We are pleased to welcome the following new journal Editor:

Heidi Abrahamse

Photomedicine and Laser Surgery– Heidi Abrahamse, PhD, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Prof. Abrahamse holds undergraduate degrees in Biochemistry and Psychology, a master’s degree in Biochemistry, and a doctorate in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. She is a past president of the World Association for Laser Therapy and is currently Director of the Laser Research Centre in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Johannesburg. Prof. Abrahamse’s tireless devotion to furthering the field of photobiomodulation research will help steer the Journal to ever greater levels of success and development.

In the News

A selection of some of our latest, groundbreaking research making headlines right now:

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This Issue's Featured Subject Collection: Technology and Engineering

Technology and Engineering Collection

This collection of engineering and innovative technologies journals delivers authoritative, groundbreaking, peer-reviewed research and discoveries in cutting-edge fields.  Each led by a thought leader and trailblazer, these journals are at the forefront of their fields from the reporting on data science in Big Data, 3D-printed wood and glass in 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, to deep sea exploring soft-robots in Soft Robotics, and new space entrepreneurship in New Space. This collection provides must-have information from the leading edge of these fields.

Contact us to learn more about adding this collection of journals to your library and special pricing when you add two or more.

On the Road

With the melting snow, the bloom of cherry blossoms, and longer days, conference season is heating up for our sales and marketing teams. If you see us at a conference or meeting, please stop by and say hello — maybe you’ll be in the next issue of Liebert Link!

Alan Krissoff

Alan Krissoff (pictured) and Patrick Brown represented us at ER&L in Austin, TX…

ER&L in Austin, TX

…and took in some of the local flavor to boot! (yuk yuk –ed.)

James Canton

Dr. James Canton, CEO of the Institute for Global Futures, at SLA-DPHT

usan Sharpe

Susan Sharpe from Moffitt Cancer Center at FHSLA in Tampa, FL earlier this month

Keio University Hospital

Subscriptions Sales Manager Geoff Worton visited Japan in March, paying a visit to Keio University Hospital

Yoko Okada and Aiko Hosoya from Bureau Hosoya

Yoko Okada and Aiko Hosoya from Bureau Hosoya joined Geoff on his visits

Come See Us

Stop by our booth to pick up materials, meet our staff, and more at these upcoming conferences:

Annual Conference for China Academy of Sciences
April 30, Shanghai, China – Represented by Charlesworth Group

International Conference on e-learning
May 1, Saudi Arabia – Represented by ACCUCOMS

China Academic Library and Information Systems Annual Meeting – CALIS
May 9 – 13, Lanzhou, China – Represented by Charlesworth Group

Carolina Consortium
May 10, Greensboro, NC

Medical Library Association/Canadian Health Libraries Association – MLA/CHLA
May 13 – 18, Toronto, Ontario – Booth # 611

Lebanese Library Association Conference – LALC
May 18 – 20, Beirut, Lebanon – Represented by ACCUCOMS

DEFF Online 2016
May 19 – 20, Copenhagen, Denmark – Represented by Burgundy Information Services

Teldan INFO 2016 Conference
May 23 – 26, Tel Aviv, Israel – Represented by Burgundy Information Services

Current Research Information System in Norway – CRIStin
June 7 – 8, Oslo, Norway – Represented by Burgundy Information Services

Special Libraries Association – SLA
June 12 – 14, Philadelphia, PA – Booth #527

Sunmedia Seminar Represented by Bureau Hosoya
June 14, Tokyo, Japan
June 22, Osaka, Japan
July 15, Sapporo, Japan
July 29, Fukuoka, Japan

The 2nd International Conference on E-Publishing – ICEPUB16
July 26 – 28, Amman, Jordan – Represented by ACCUCOMS


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