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AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses

AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses provides the broadest coverage from molecular biology to clinical studies and outcomes research, focusing on developments in prevention science, novel therapeutics, and immune-restorative approaches. Cutting-edge papers on the latest progress and research advances through clinical trials and examination of targeted antiretroviral agents lead to improvements in translational medicine for optimal treatment outcomes.

The Co-Editors-in-Chief R. Keith Reeves, PhD and Lishomwa Ndhlovu, MD, PhD encourage the submission of original research and review papers on topics including but not limited to:

  • HIV cure research
  • HIV prevention science
    • Vaccine research
    • Systemic and Topical PreP
  • Molecular and cell biology of HIV, SIV, SHIV, and FIV
  • Developments in HIV pathogenesis and comorbidities
  • Molecular biology, immunology, and epidemiology of HTLV
    • STLV infection
  • Pharmacology of HIV therapy
  • Studies on endogenous retroviruses
  • Social and behavioral science
  • Rapid publication of emerging sequence information

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R. Keith Reeves, PhD
Professor, Department of Surgery
Director, Division of Innate and Comparative Immunology
Head of Innovation Partnerships, Center for Human Systems Immunology
Duke University School of Medicine

Lishomwa Ndhlovu, MD, PhD
Professor of Immunology in Medicine
Division of Infectious Diseases
Weill Cornell Medicine

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Deadline for Manuscript Submission: