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Deadline for Manuscript Submission:
November 31, 2023


Call for Papers

Biobased Design

Guest Editor

Athina Papadopoulou, PhD
Assistant Professor of Architecture, Health and Design
Co-director, ReMEDiaLab
New York Institute of Technology, NY

Biobased materials exhibit numerous benefits over synthetic materials for our environment and health. Circular production and manufacturing processes including biologically derived and earth-based materials can reduce waste and carbon footprint in manufacturing construction processes. Biobased materials can allow for biodegradation or reuse offering nontoxic solutions. In addition, living materials can compose active and responsive solutions in regenerative medicine and biomedical applications. This Special Issue focuses on recent and new developments in biobased 3D printing (3DP) and additive manufacturing (AM) processes. Such developments may include new biobased material compositions and methods for 3DP and AM processes in design and construction, new materials and methods for 3D bioprinting in medicine and bioengineering, and analyses of materials and production methods regarding their environmental and health impact.
Contributions on specific areas may include but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Developments on compositions of biopolymers and geopolymers for 3DP and AM
  • Newly developed 3DP and AM processes for biobased or earth-based materials for design, manufacturing, and construction
  • Applications for printed biobased products such as packaging products
  • Applications for large-scale printed earth-based materials, including architectural and engineering applications
  • Studies on toxicity and environmental impact of materials produced through 3DP and AM processes
  • Systemic approaches to 3DP and AM processes demonstrating circular and regenerative methods of production
  • 3D printed biobased materials and processes for bioengineering applications such as wearables, orthotics, and prosthetics
  • New biobased programmable materials and 4D printing methods
  • New material compositions for 3D bioprinting for tissue and organ regeneration utilizing naturally derived materials
  • New studies on 3D bioprinting methods including ink-jet printing, extrusion printing, stereolithography and laser assisted bioprinting techniques
  • Bacterial bioprinting for bioactive materials in bioengineering and biomedical applications

Submissions will be peer-reviewed by a panel of experts and published in the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing: Special Issue on Biobased Design. Submissions will be accepted until November 31, 2023.

We also encourage submission of papers that have been previously published in conference proceedings, with the requirement that the authors have made significant extensions to the work already published. Please refer to our Instructions for Authors before submitting your manuscript for consideration.

If you have any questions or pre-submission queries, please contact the Guest Editor Athina Papadopoulou, PhD.

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Deadline for Manuscript Submission:
November 31, 2023