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Deadline for Manuscript Submission:
September 4, 2020


Call for Papers

Climate Change

Sustainability: The Journal of Record (SJoR) will publish a special issue focusing on climate change through the lens of sustainability science.

Climate change is affecting the world over with disruptive changes being felt in every country and continent. Weather patterns are shifting; major weather events are becoming more extreme and, as the IPCC reports, greenhouse gas emissions are at the highest levels in history with global emissions of carbon dioxide having increased by almost 50 percent since 1990. However, there is room for hope. Leading scientists say we can still hold average global temperature increases to 2°C above pre-industrial levels with quick and decisive action.

SJoR, in line with UN SDG Goal #13 to “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts,” invites you to submit empirical and theoretical papers, evocative essays, and a series of case reports on the following topics:

  • Climate change and biodiversity;
  • Carbon pricing and carbon charge programs;
  • Climate change adaption planning and strategies;
  • Best practices in educating students/employees/communities about climate change;
  • Climate change mitigation, including reducing carbon emissions and removing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere;
  • How climate change is informing sustainability science and curricula;
  • The role of higher education in informing students about climate change.

*Guidelines for Case Reports:

Word count: 1200-1600 words

Include sections:

  • The institution’s commitment to climate change education
  • Project description (background; define the project; timeline or projected timeline)
  • Outcomes (How the institution is measuring/is planning to measure the commitment; lessons learned)
  • Future planning (Goals)

Contributions will receive prompt and thorough peer review. Please refer to our Instructions for Authors before submitting your manuscript via our online submission portal for consideration.

The Journal welcomes submissions from diverse research areas including, but not limited to, sustainability science, sustainable development, psychology, landscape architecture, education, social and environmental justice, environmental science, and urban planning.


Please contact Editor Jamie Devereaux

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Deadline for Manuscript Submission:
September 4, 2020