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Deadline for Manuscript Submission:
October 5, 2020


Call for Papers

Special Issue on Soft Computing Models for Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT)

Guest Editors

Dr. Naveen Chilamkurti

Department of Computer Science and Computer Engineering

La Trobe University Melbourne

VIC, Australia


Dr. Anand Paul

The School of Computer Science and Engineering

Kyungpook National University

Daegu, South Korea


Dr. Akshi Kumar (Corresponding Guest Editor)

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Delhi Technological University

New Delhi, India

Deadline for manuscript submission: October 5, 2020

Special Issue publication date: Early 2021

With the ubiquitous internet connectivity and bandwidth in abundance along with reduced cost of wearables and smart devices, the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) and technology in our lives is manifold and profound.

IoT devices are becoming a part of the mainstream electronics culture. Recently there have been many IoT applications such as smart homes, smart cities, smart industry, smart agriculture, smart healthcare which play a significant role in our lives. As the IoT solutions define the new paradigm for customer-oriented digital experience, they are inevitably getting more complex and dynamic.

Undoubtedly, the recent advancements in intelligent sensing, embedded internet, edge computing and predictive data mining permeate intelligence and decision making into the physical world which continually enhance human experience in real-time. It is essential to understand that the success of IoT relies on the effective incorporation of big data analytics. “Big Data” is the new buzzword and big data analytics provides real-time insights, which need to be actioned upon quickly to support decision, gain better value and mitigate risk. Thanks to the emerging soft computing techniques which are widely used for coping with imprecision, uncertainty, partial truth, and approximation. Correlation analyses for spatial and temporal data and construction and clustering techniques, complex neural networks are some advances which are investigated and applied by academic researchers and industry within the domain of socio-technical systems.

The primary scope of this special issue is to deliberate the progress and challenges of using innovative, novel, secure and smart soft computing solutions to define models as well as methods that explore aspects of dynamics in complex socio-technical systems. We invite recent works pertaining to the design and application of soft computing models to solve complex real-world problems associated to the big data and IoT. This special issue is intended to report high-quality and original research on wide range of applications from data analytics, pattern recognition, software and system modeling, to intelligent control problems and biomedical applications.

The list of topics for the special issue includes but not limited to the following:

  • Soft computing for IoT protocol design and optimization
  • Self-Learning and adaptive networking protocols and algorithms
  • Machine learning and soft computing-aided IoT
  • Intelligent middleware solutions IoT
  • Brain–computer interface and IoT
  • Security, privacy, integrity, and trust in IoT
  • Search and optimization of big data
  • Parallel, accelerated, and distributed big data
  • Data visualization of big data
  • Security and privacy of big data
  • Soft computing for big data
  • Multimedia big-data-driven IoT
  • Application of Big data Analytics
  • Novel algorithms, models, frameworks, platforms in big-data-driven IoT for smart solutions
  • Soft computing for Medical and Industrial IoT

Please direct special issue inquiries to Corresponding Guest Editor, Dr. Akshi Kumar

Contributions will receive prompt and thorough peer review. Please refer to our Instructions for Authors before submitting your manuscript for consideration.

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Deadline for Manuscript Submission:
October 5, 2020