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A Letter from Mary Ann

Dear Colleague:

I am very proud of our recognition for our prescience in creating important new international publications in cutting-edge fields; our mission is not only to make a significant contribution to the literature but to advance funding for important new endeavors.

Our publications make a difference. Publisher as activist is the way I think of myself.

Being a privately-held company is a unique advantage. We do not have to worry about meeting stockholder expectations, which is an urgent mandate for publicly-held companies. We are able to commit to a field and to nurture our publications without these concerns – for the long haul, and, sometimes, it is a long haul. You probably know that our flagship publication Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) is the leading biotechnology industry publication in the world, a position we have held since we began nearly 40 years ago.

Integrity of content remains an absolute. Research and clinical application is based on precedent, and assiduous peer review has never been more important. We also foster new digital technologies that support this mandate.

In 2018 we launched The CRISPR Journal, which addresses gene editing, a promising technology but one with ethical concerns. Bioelectricity, which debuted in 2019, is another cutting-edge journal that has the most promising potential for healthcare applications. Autism in Adulthood also launched in 2019; so much attention is paid to autism in children, but the problems facing adults with autism and their families has not had the attention it needs; this journal will address these needs and put forth suggestions to ensure that autistic adults are getting the services and care they need. We stay ahead of the curve.

I hope you will read the interview I gave to the CEO FORUM so that you will get to know me better. I do believe what I say:

There is a Mary Ann Liebert at Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. and That Makes a Difference!

Please keep that in mind and do contact me with ideas for new print or online publications: journals, books, eBooks, newsletters. I promise to respond quickly!


Mary Ann