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Accessing Full Text Papers


Complimentary access

Most content on is available to subscribers only. A complimentary sample issue of each journal is usually available. We recommend registering for a Liebert Connect account, as it will enhance the use of this material.

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. will occasionally make additional content available for complimentary access. This content will be marked with a "Free" icon. Use of such content is subject to the Terms and Conditions set forth on, and we reserve the right to terminate complimentary access at any time and without prior notice.


Purchasing a subscription or paper

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. offers print-and-online, print only, and online only journal subscriptions. To subscribe, click "Publications" in the masthead of the website and select the option that best suits your browsing preferences.

We also offer the sale of individual papers at a price. To purchase a paper, locate the paper of interest and click "For printing" or "With links" and click "purchase this paper." Follow the on-screen instructions to gain immediate access.

Purchased papers are available for download for a period of 24 hours. If you are having difficulty downloading a purchased paper, please contact us. We recommend immediately saving any purchased papers to your hard drive for later use.


Viewing and printing PDFs

Adobe Acrobat version 5.0 or higher is required to view full text PDFs. Adobe Acrobat is available as a free download for PC and Mac computers, and we encourage you to always download the latest version.

We offer two different versions of most papers. "For printing" PDFs are of higher resolution and are best for making high quality prints of graphics. "With links" PDFs are of lower resolution and contain hyperlinks to references; they can also be printed.

To view a paper, click "For printing" or "With links" on any Table of Contents, abstract, or Search Results page. A PDF of the paper will open. From here you can print or save the paper.

Some web browsers may open Adobe Acrobat within the browser window itself (this is especially common with Internet Explorer). If this happens, be sure to use the Print and Save buttons within the Acrobat application (the lower of the two menu bars).


Activating a personal subscription

If this is your first online subscription to a Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. journal you must first create a free Liebert Connect account. This account will allow you to access and manage your subscription(s).

After you've created a Liebert Connect account (or if you already have one), sign in by clicking the user icon in the masthead of the site. Once you're signed in, click "Access" in the submenu.

Enter your customer number (provided in your activation e-mail) or access token (provided by your society) in the text field provided and click "Activate." Your access will be activated immediately and your subscription will appear in Liebert Connect.

If you do not receive an activation e-mail from us, check your Spam mailbox, as the e-mail may have been diverted. Otherwise, please contact us and we will assist you in activating your subscription.


Most read (or downloaded) papers provides a list of the most read (downloaded) papers from each journal. These lists are updated daily based on the volume of full text downloads. To view these lists, select a journal and click "Most read papers." A subscription may be required to access the full text.


Browsing content

You can browse content by publication collection, type, and/or title. To do so, click "Publications" in the main menu. You may also browse past issues of journals by using navigation within the journal pages.


Related papers uses an advanced algorithm to recommend papers that are related to the one you're viewing. To view related papers, click "Related" next to any entry on a Table of Contents or Search Results page.