Terms and Conditions For Personal Subscriptions


1. Scope of License

This Agreement permits single-use access to those Journals for which the Subscribing Individual has paid for identified by the Subscribing Individual's User Name and Password.

For Terms and Conditions for institutional subscriptions, visit our Librarian Resource Center.


2. Permitted Use

The Authorized Users are permitted online access to those journal issues to which it holds or held valid subscriptions, and may download, save, or print text, search results or other information solely for the private use of the Subscribing Individual.


3. Prohibitions on Certain Uses

Password-sharing is strictly prohibited.

Altering, recompiling, systematic or programmatic copying, reselling, redistributing, publishing or re-publishing the Journal content or any part thereof without explicit permission from the copyright holder is prohibited.

Systematic downloading, service bureau redistribution services, printing for "fee-for-service" purposes and/or the systematic making of electronic copies for transmission to non-subscribers are prohibited.

Downloading of Journals or parts of Journals to form a persistent local archive is prohibited.


4. Withdrawal of Journals or Parts of Journals

The Publisher reserves the right to withdraw from this Agreement any of the Journals or any part of any of the Journals in order to comply with any legal rule or court order, or if the Publisher is at risk of liability from the continued availability of the Journal or part of it.


5. Copyright

Copyright in the Publisher's Journals and their contents, including the abstracts, is vested in the Publisher, whose proprietary and publishing rights are protected under national and international law. The Subscribing Individual shall not have any proprietary right in any of the Journals by reason of their access to them.