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May 03 - May 05, 2020
American Telemedicine Association's Annual Conference & Expo
Phoenix, AZ

At ATA2020, you will become immersed in the novel application of virtual care technologies, deepen your understanding of patient and consumer perspectives and motivations, and bring clarity to the challenges, policies and opportunities to implementing telehealth solutions in value-based delivery models. Attendees will be armed with the practical knowledge, best practices and actionable insights that will allow you to identify opportunities for your organization and create the future of care delivery. Our speakers, our content and our partners create a solid foundation on which to build your telehealth expertise and success. Only at ATA2020, you will get a glimpse of where the market is going in the next five years, from the thought leaders and innovators creating that future.

Telemedicine and e-Health is the leading peer-reviewed journal for cutting-edge telemedicine applications for achieving optimal patient care and outcomes. It places special emphasis on the impact of telemedicine on the quality, cost effectiveness, and access to healthcare. Telemedicine applications play an increasingly important role in health care. They offer indispensable tools for home healthcare, remote patient monitoring, and disease management, not only for rural health and battlefield care, but also for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and maritime and aviation settings.

Pick up a copy of this essential resource at ATA2020