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Mar 15 - Mar 16, 2018
Chilling at the Beach
Miami, Florida

Chilling at the Beach once again will gather leading scientists and clinicians in the field of therapeutic hypothermia and temperature management. A series of lectures by authorities in this field as well as round table discussions will be organized around a two-day meeting, allowing attendees interested in this topic to discuss the various obstacles that are ahead as temperature is utilized as a treatment paradigm in clinical situations. 

Therapeutic Hypothermia and Temperature Management is the first and only journal to cover all aspects of hypothermia and temperature considerations relevant to this exciting field, including its application in cardiac arrest, spinal cord and traumatic brain injury, stroke, burns, and much more. The Journal provides a strong multidisciplinary forum to ensure that research advances are well disseminated, and that therapeutic hypothermia is well understood and used effectively to enhance patient outcomes. 

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