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Jun 15 - Jun 17, 2018
Congress of the Japanese Society for Palliative Medicine (JSPM)
Kobe, Japan

The Japanese Society for Palliative Medicine (JSPM)will promote interdisciplinary and scientific study to develop Palliative Medicine, aiming at improving people’s quality of life for the entire period of cancer and other intractable diseases, from diagnosis to terminal care. Moreover, through the practice and education of Palliative Medicine, the Society aims to contribute to the development of medicine and welfare.

Journal of Palliative Medicine is the premier peer-reviewed journal covering medical, psychosocial, policy, and legal issues in end-of-life care and relief of suffering for patients with intractable pain. The Journal presents essential information for professionals in hospice/palliative medicine, focusing on improving quality of life for patients and their families, and the latest developments in drug and non-drug treatments.

Join our representative from Bureau Hosoya at the Congress and get your copy of an official Journal of the JSPM!