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Oct 27 - Oct 30, 2018
Cytokines 2018, 6th Annual Meeting of the International Cytokine & Interferon Society (ICIS)
Boston, MA

Cytokines 2018 - Brings together scientists across many different research disciplines. A common ground where scientists interested in all aspect of cytokine biology can join and work together to better human health. Join others in this large field to exchange information and ideas, strengthen interdisciplinary ties, and build international collaborations. The Annual Meeting serves as a network to facilitate research communication to ultimately translate discoveries to improve human health.

Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research (JICR), an Official Journal of the ICIS, provides the latest groundbreaking research on all aspects of IFNs and cytokines. The Journal delivers current findings on emerging topics in this niche community, including the role of IFNs in the therapy of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, the understanding of the third class of IFNs, and the identification and function of IFN-inducible genes.

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