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May 27 - May 31, 2019
Termis EU
Rhodes, Greece

TERMIS is the most prominent organisation in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine globally. TERMIS promotes education, research, innovation, clinical translation and social responsibility within the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine through regular meetings, training courses, scientific and lay publications, outreach activities and other forms of communication. TERMIS also provides an international forum for the informed discussion of challenges and achievements of tissue engineering therapies.

Tissue Engineering is the preeminent, biomedical journal advancing the field with cutting-edge research and applications on all aspects of tissue growth and regeneration. This multidisciplinary journal brings together the principles of engineering and life sciences in tissue development and regenerative medicine. Tissue Engineering is divided into three parts, providing a central forum for groundbreaking scientific research and developments of clinical applications from leading experts in the field that will enable contributions to the ultimate care of patients.

Tissue Engineering (Part A) is the authoritative peer-reviewed journal focusing on the convergence of the life sciences, engineering, and medicine for the generation of viable biological tissues to better fundamentally understand and treat human disease. Part A publishes 24 issues per year.

Tissue Engineering Reviews (Part B) meets the urgent need for high-quality review articles by presenting critical discussions, analyses, and concise summaries of research within the field to assess history, current standing, and future directions within critical areas. Part B publishes bi-monthly. 
Tissue Engineering Methods (Part C) presents high-quality procedures and protocols to promote consistency within the field, distribute beneficial tools and assays, and help the field to grow and mature for current and future clinical translation. Part C publishes monthly. 
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