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Oct 20, 2020
World CRISPR Day (Digital Event)

World CRISPR Day brings together the entire genome engineering community to discuss how we can safely enable discovery, therapeutics, and practical applications.

This unique digital event features an incredible cast of talented Genome Engineers, scientists, and key opinion leaders. They’ll engage the research community with insights, practical methods to apply in the lab, and a vision for the future of CRISPR.

CRISPR pioneer Dr. Jennifer Doudna will open the symposium with her keynote address before attendees hear from expert speakers from across many application areas of CRISPR, followed by a panel featuring producers and scientists from the Human Nature documentary.

The CRISPR Journal is the only peer-reviewed publication dedicated to the science and applications of gene editing. Spearheaded by Editor-in-Chief Rodolphe Barrangou, PhD and aided by a diverse and accomplished editorial board, the Journal provides a high-profile forum for cutting-edge international original research papers, as well as a compelling mixture of frontmatter content— review articles, perspectives, profiles, and commentary spanning not only matters of research but the many social, ethical, and business issues confronting the field. The CRISPR Journal centralizes essential information and analysis on this revolutionary technology in a single location with the aim of solidifying and growing the community of innovative researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and activists who make up the field of gene editing.

Join us at World CRISPR Day!