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Call for Cover Art!

Forensic Genomics is looking for your forensic genomics art to be featured on the cover! We are seeking forensic genomics, forensic human identity, and forensic DNA-related artwork that showcases new technologies that are contributing to or making a difference in the field. All researchers in the field are welcome to submit their art for consideration. Young Investigators, students, and trainees are especially encouraged to submit!

If you would like to submit your art for consideration, please follow these guidelines:

  • Submission deadline: Friday, September 9, 2022
  • Art must be relevant to the field of forensic genomics and the scope of the journal
  • Art must be supplied at 9” x 11.5” at 300dpi in CMYK
  • Please submit all art to Forensic Genomics Cover Art.

*Disclaimer: The art submitted does not need to be from a paper that is published in the journal, nor does it guarantee acceptance of an unsubmitted manuscript.