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Listen to the latest episodes of GuidePost, featuring candid conversation with the pioneers and practitioners of CRISPR and gene editing research.


Brought to you by Synthego, who is increasing accessibility to CRISPR through its portfolio of Engineered Cells products and CRISPR kits.



Episode 8: A Conversation with Sylvain Moineau (Laval University, Quebec)

In episode #8 of GuidePost, Sylvain Moineau (Laval University, Quebec) surveys the impact of two decades' research in phage microbiology on the CRISPR gene editing revolution.

Episode 7: A Conversation with Kevin Esvelt (MIT Media Lab)

In episode #7 of GuidePost, Kevin Esvelt (MIT Media Lab) discusses his interest in gene drives and other gene editing approaches to combat tick-borne diseases and malaria.

Episode 6: A Conversation with Kevin Holden, Head of Synthetic Biology at Synthego Corporation

In episode #6 of GuidePost, Kevin Holden, Head of Synthetic Biology at Synthego Corporation, discusses the company's Silicon Valley culture, growth, and its approach to providing new gene editing products for the CRISPR community.

Episode 5: A Conversation with Neal Gutterson, CTO Corteva

In episode #5 of GuidePost Podcast Series Neal Gutterson, Chief Technology Officer of Dow-Dupont’s agricultural division Corteva, discusses the exciting potential of gene editing/CRISPR to spur new crop strains and circumvent the contentious debate around GMOs.

Episode 4: A Conversation with Jacob Sherkow of New York Law School

In episode #4 of GuidePost, Jacob Sherkow (New York Law School) – one of the leading academic authorities on biotech patent law – explains the twists and turns of the ongoing CRISPR patent dispute.

Episode 3: A conversation with Rodolphe Barrangou, Editor-in-Chief of The CRISPR Journal

The Editor-in-Chief of The CRISPR Journal, Rodolphe Barrangou (North Carolina State University), reflects on his decade on the frontlines of the CRISPR/gene editing revolution, and his ambitious plans for the new journal by and for the CRISPR community.

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