Stem Cells and Development and Assay and Drug Development Technologies

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Stem Cell and Development and
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On-Demand Webinar

Automated monitoring of differentiation, proliferation and metabolic activity of
human stem cells

This hour-long discussion with panelists Dr Rüdiger Arnold, Dr Katrin Flatscher and Moderator, Michael Fejtl, will focus on the real-time analysis of human stem cell differentiation using cell-based assays developed by PromoCell for the sensitive and reproducible assessment and quantification of cell viability, proliferation and apoptosis in a fast and convenient manner, and the Tecan Spark® 10M multimode reader.

Join our expert panel to learn how to:

  • Simplify and automate typical workflows for stem cell analyses
  • Monitor the metabolic activity of stem cells during in vitro differentiation
  • Free up time by establishing automated, walkaway protocols to run your experiments
  • Increase confidence in your data by automating and standardizing experimental set-ups

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