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Soft Robotics

Special Issue on Soft Robotics: The Path Ahead

Guest Editors:

Joshua Schultz, The University of Tulsa
Michael T. Tolley, University of California, San Diego
Yigit Mengüç, Oregon State University
Bram Vanderborght, Vrije Universiteit Brussel


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Soft Robotics is publishing a special issue that will reflect on common threads that have appeared between very disparate approaches in soft robotics’ short history, and peer down the road to see what key milestones lie ahead.  It will envision a future in which soft robots are doing useful, real-world tasks. To plan appropriately for this future, the community needs to answer an important question: “When and where are soft robots better suited than rigid robots?”  Getting to this answer will require new metrics to be devised that take into account the unique properties and capabilities of soft robots. Formal methods for predicting deformation and control will need to be devised. As the core soft robotics technologies move from proof of concept of basic behaviors to integrated functional devices, results will move from simple measurements of force and displacement to success in grasping, locomotion, manipulation, and assembly. This transition has already begun and will gather steam in the years to come.

This issue solicits:

  • Articles describing novel technical advances in the field
  • Review articles that pose a unified interpretation of advances by disparate research groups
  • Articles that lay out key research challenges in the field, providing a clear view as to the journey ahead
  • Articles that pose mathematical modeling techniques (or appropriate them from other fields) to describe, plan, or optimize behaviors unique to soft robots are especially desired

Manuscripts should be approximately 3,000 words in length with a 350 word maximum for abstracts. All additional information for submission can be found in our Instructions for Authors.

Deadline for Manuscript Submission: February 12, 2016
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