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Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Provides Free Online Journal Access in Recognition of World Diabetes Day

Contact: Vicki Cohn, 914-740-,

 Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics

 Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders

 Childhood Obesity


 New Rochelle, NY, November 12, 2010—Diabetes is a growing healthcare crisis affecting over 300 million people and healthcare spending related to the disease grows annually by $174 billion. Due to the urgent need to disseminate authoritative information on diabetes research and clinical care, publisher Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. will provide complimentary online access to the fully searchable legacy content of the company's diabetes-related journals through the end of November in honor of World Diabetes Day on November 14, 2010. Free online access is available to Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics (, Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders (, and Childhood Obesity (
"There is a strong imperative to ensure that physicians, nurses, diabetes educators, and researchers have access to the most reliable, cutting-edge information in order to ensure optimal outcomes for diabetes patients worldwide,” says Mary Ann Liebert, president of Mary Ann Liebert, Inc, publishers. “We are happy to provide complimentary access to our relevant journals this month to help achieve this goal.”

Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, edited by Satish K. Garg, MD, Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Colorado Denver, is the premier peer-reviewed journal that provides authoritative information on new devices, drug delivery systems, and new therapeutics.

Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders, edited by Ishwarlal Jialal, MD, PhD, Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of California Davis Medical Center, explores the pathophysiology, recognition, and treatment of metabolic syndrome including insulin resistance, central obesity, glucose intolerance and their accompanying cardiometabolic effects.

Childhood Obesity addresses today’s critical mandate to stem the obesity epidemic in children and adolescents, and provides the central forum to explore effective, actionable strategies for addressing weight management and obesity prevention.