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Unprecedented Spending in Wisconsin Election – The "New Normal" in a Post Citizens United World?

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New Rochelle, June 6, 2012—The Wisconsin recall election has seen an unprecedented level of spending, more than $60 million. That staggering cost is exceeded only by the two most expensive Senate races in the last 20 years – the 2000 New Jersey and New York Senate races – both of which totaled nearly $70 million. With the likely turnout of just over 2 million voters, the recall campaigns will spend more than $28 per vote, one of the highest totals for a competitive race ever. 

For election law and administration, the recall election demonstrates the seismic shift in the campaign spending environment post Citizens United. “The recall election has become an early testing ground for the 2012 presidential battle,” says Paul Gronke, Co-Editor of Election Law Journal and Associate Professor of Political Science at Reed College (Portland, OR). “While CU did not change campaign laws in Wisconsin, the decision has stimulated the emergence of outside groups with very deep pockets.”

In addition, a quirk in Wisconsin law which limits campaign donations for the challenger but not the incumbent points out how the election laws can sometimes fall out of sync with political realities. 

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