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Editorial Board


Abdulmaged M. Traish, MBA, PhD
Professor of Biochemistry
Professor of Urology
Boston University School of Medicine
Boston, MA, USA

Senior Editor

Abraham Morgentaler, MD, FACS
Associate Professor of Urology
Men’s Health Boston, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA, USA


Associate Editors

Antonio Aversa, MD, PhD    
University of Catanzaro
Catanzaro, Italy 


Sandeep Singh Dhindsa, MBBS, FACE
Saint Louis University
Saint Louis, MO, USA


T. Hugh Jones, BSc, MBChB, MD, FRCP, FRCP
Barnsley Hospital
   Barnsley, United Kingdom
University of Sheffield
  Sheffield, United Kingdom

Daniel Marcus Kelly, BSc, PhD    
Sheffield Hallam University    
Sheffield, United Kingdom

Roberto Cosimo Melcangi, PhD    
University of Milan    
Milan, Italy

Social Media Editor

Karim Sultan Haider, MD
Praxis Dr. Haider
Bremerhaven, Germany


Editorial Board

Robert E. Brannigan, MD    
Northwestern University
Feinberg School of Medicine    
Chicago, IL, USA

Paresh Dandona, MD, PhD   
State University of New York at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY, USA

Adrian Dobs, MD, MHS    
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD, USA

Ahmed I. El-Sakka, MD
Suez Canal University
Ismailia, Egypt

Geoff Hackett, MD, FRCP, FECSM    
Aston University Medical School    
Birmingham, United Kingdom


Wayne JG Hellstrom, MD, FACS
Tulane University School of Medicine
New Orleans, LA, USA


Michael S. Irwig, MD, FACE    
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center & Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA, USA


Ates Kadioglu, MD
Istanbul University
Istanbul, Turkey

Mohit Khera, MD, MBA, MPH    
Baylor College of Medicine    
Houston, TX, USA

Noel N. Kim, PhD    
The Institute for Sexual Medicine    
San Diego, CA, USA


Sheryl A. Kingsberg, PhD    
MacDonald Women’s Hospital; Case Western Reserve    
Cleveland, OH, USA

Laurence Klotz,  CM, MD, FRCSC    
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre    
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kyriakos E. Kypreos, PhD    
University of Patras Medical School   
Patras, Achaia, Greece

Sandro La Vignera, MD, PhD
University of Catania
Catania, Italy

Franck  Mauvais-Jarvis, MD, PhD    
Tulane University Health Sciences Center    
New Orleans, LA, USA

Andrew McCullough, MD    
Tufts University School of Medicine
Boston, MA, USA

Rossella Nappi,  MD, PhD    
University of Pavia    
Pavia,  Italy


Ranjith Ramasamy, MD    
University of Miami    
Miami,  FL, USA

Allen D. Seftel, MD    
Cooper Medical School of Rowan University    
Camden,  NJ, USA


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