About This Book

Timely, authoritative, and incredibly comprehensive, Clinical Natural Medicine Handbook aids practicing clinicians in understanding and applying the latest advances in integrative medicine. With a unique combination of guidelines, protocols, and practice-oriented literature reviews, it provides virtually everything needed to optimize your clinical use of nutrition, nutraceuticals, and botanicals for the treatment of various diseases and conditions.

At the heart of the Handbook are nearly three dozen disease- or condition-specific chapters featuring in-depth information and insight on integrative approaches to treatment and management. From asthma to diabetes, from cardiovascular disease to depression, the Handbook focuses on the diseases and conditions that today’s practitioners are most likely to encounter, and provides a wealth of clinical insight based on the very latest medical and scientific literature.

Clinical Natural Medicine Handbook covers:

  • Detailed diagnostic information including prevalence, pathophysiology, risk factors, symptoms, and associated conditions
  • Integrative treatment guidelines and protocols comprising conventional approaches (medical and surgical), along with nutraceuticals, botanicals, lifestyle modifications, and other naturopathic approaches
  • Specific prescribing and dosage recommendations featuring nutrient-drug interactions, hormone and food allergy considerations, and possible effects on laboratory test results
  • Quick-reference charts to speed diagnostics and prescribing

Clinical Natural Medicine Handbook is the integrative clinician’s one-stop guide to diagnosing, treating, and prescribing for dozens of diseases and conditions.

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