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Table of Contents

From Evolution to Energy
     Jason Delborne, Daniel Lee Kleinman, Karen A. Cloud-Hansen, and Jo Handelsman

Part 1: Vaccines: Protection in an Uncertain World?

Social History of Vaccines 
     Jacob Heller

Developing A Vaccine for Pandemic Influenza: Is it Possible?
     Jeremy C. Jones and Stacey Schultz-Cherry

The Long Road to an HIV Vaccine
     José Esparza, Nina D. Russell, and Francine E. McCutchan

Vaccines: A Perspective on the Past and Present, and a Glance into the Future
     Michèle Anne Barocchi and Rino Rappuoli

Part 2: Evolution: Citizen Attitudes, Political Controversy, and Cutting Edge Research

Darwinism, Creationism, and Intelligent Design
     Ronald L. Numbers

 Excerpt from the Decision of Judge John E. Jones III in Kitzmiller v Dover

The Persistent Presence of Creationism in the United States 
     Michael Lienesch

Evolution in the 21st Century 
     Francisco J. Ayala

Part 3: Food Safety: Eating and Illness

Beyond Risk?: The Missing Values in Food Safety Assessment
     Madeleine Fairbairn and Jack Kloppenburg

Salmonella and Pathogenic E. coli - We Can't Assume They Are an Egg and Meat Problem Anymore
     Jeri Barak

Emerging Plant Diseases: What Are Our Best Strategies for Management? 
     Karen A. Garrett, Ari Jumpponen, and Lorena Gomez

How Can the U.S. Best Protect Itself Against Agroterrorism?
     Randall Murch

Part 4: Biofuels: An Energetic Source of Debate

Biofuels: Streams and Themes
     Jason A. Delborne

The Politics of Estimating the Greenhouse Gas Impacts of Biofuels
Alastair Iles

Opportunities and Challenges for Next Generation Biofuels 
     T. Randall Fortenbery and Timothy J. Donohue

The Expansion of Sugarcane-Ethanol in Brazil and Controversies Surrounding Human Rights 
     Renata Marson Teixeira de Andrade and Andrew Miccolis

Part 5: Nanotechnology: Potential Risks and Rewards

Nanotechnology Controversies 
     Chris Toumey

Nanotechnology: Piecing Together the Puzzle of Risk
     Jennifer Kuzma

Strange Worlds: Public Debates, Nanotechnology and Science Fiction 
    Jose J. López

Military Applications of Nanotechnology – Preventive Limitation is Needed 
     Jürgen Altmann

Nanotechnology and the Transhumanization of Health, Medicine, and Rehabilitation
     Gregor Wolbring



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