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Information For Authors

Gaming Law Review: Economics, Regulation, Compliance, and Policy invites the submission of original manuscripts covering all aspects of gaming law. Manuscripts should be original, never before published, and not submitted simultaneously to another publication.


Submit all manuscripts, including figures, legends, tables, and references via


Articles must be double-spaced. The title page should include the authors’ names and affiliations, the source of a work or study, if any, and a running title of about 45 characters. The title page should also have the full mailing address and contact information (telephone, fax, and e-mail address) for EACH author listed on your article. Please also indicate the corresponding author. Articles may be submitted in either PC or Mac format, preferably in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. Manuscript keywords (search terms): On the title page of the manuscript, include a minimum of three (3), maximum of six (6), search terms that will aid in the discoverability of the article in indexing services and search engines. These keywords will be included in the published article. 

Use of English Language
All submissions must be in English. Appropriate use of English is a requirement for review and publication in Gaming Law Review. To support non-native speakers, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., has partnered with Editage to provide language editing and translation services for a fee prior to official submission. To learn more about the services, please visit the Liebert Author Services website. Please note that employing the use of such services is not mandatory and using it, or any other language editing service, does not guarantee the acceptance of any paper. All submissions are subject to peer review.

Word Limits

Word limits* on the various types of manuscript types are as follows: 

Original/Invited article:          3,000 – 5,000 words; 350 word maximum for abstracts
Academic articles:               10,000-12,000 words; 350 word maximum for abstract (if applicable)

Commentaries:                    1,500 words; 150 word maximum for abstract (if applicable)
Letters to the Editor:             1,000 words
Brief Report:                         1,000-3,000 words; (350 word maximum for abstracts)
Guest Editorials:                   750 words
Meeting Reports:                  2,000 words
Point/Counterpoint                By invitation only
Roundtable Discussion        By invitation only

International Gaming Industry Update:  1,000 - 3,000 words; no abstract


*Word limits do NOT include:  Manuscript title, authors, affiliations, abstracts, keywords, acknowledgments, disclosures, references, figure legends, or tables.


Appendices are counted against the word limit.


  • Number tables consecutively
  • Include a table title for each numbered table.
  • Prepare all tables in one, single Word document (.doc or .docx), with each numbered table beginning on a new page.
  • Do not include tables in the main manuscript text file.
  • Do not embed tables within the text.
  • Use Arabic numerals to number tables.
  • Do not repeat information that is given in the text, and do not make a table for data that can be given in the text in one or two sentences.
  • Define all acronyms used within the body of the table in table footnotes.
  • All other types of table footnotes should be designated using superscript letters, not symbols.
  • Name all table files in English and use only alphanumeric characters. Do not use symbols, dots,
  • Table file names should include the table number


  • Prepare each figure as an individual .TIFF or .EPS file.
  • Do NOT submit figures in Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Bitmap, .JPEG, or Excel.
  • Line illustrations must be submitted at 900 DPI.
  • Halftones and color should be submitted at a minimum of 300 dpi.
  • Color art must be saved as CMYK - not RGB. (N.B., If RGB files are submitted, the files will be converted to CYMK and some color variation will occur in the print version of the article.)
  • Black and white art must be submitted as grayscale – not RGB.

To convert Word or Excel files into a format which is suitable for print by scanning them, use the below guidelines:

  • All files should be scanned at 100% size
  • At least 300 dpi
  • Final color mode: CMYK
  • Save file as: .tif, .tiff, or .eps

For more direction on how to convert a PowerPoint slide to acceptable format go to:

Journal Fees

  • There are no submission fees for Gaming Law Review.
  • There no page charges for the Journal 
  • There are two tiers of color publication: Print and online OR online only.  Costs are based on the number of figures and pages in a typeset article.  Please contact for estimates, and for options on discounted services.
  • Open Access and Creative Commons licensing options are available. Contact our Open Access Manager for more information.
  • For pricing and purchasing reprints, contact our Reprints Manager.

 Author Disclosures

All authors are expected to disclose any institutional or commercial affiliations that might pose a conflict of interest regarding the publication of a manuscript. Funding sources that support the work, consultantships, honoraria, stock ownership, equity interests, arrangements regarding patents, or other vested interests should be disclosed in an Acknowledgments section at the end of the manuscript.  


Cite all references as footnotes consecutively in text. Follow the Blue Book form for citations. However, we reserve the right to modify style to conform to the Journal's overall style. Suggested readings or other source materials may also be included at the end of the manuscript.


The author must obtain permission to reproduce figures, tables, and text from previously published material, even if that is the author's own work. Written permission must be obtained from the original copyright holder (generally the publisher, not the author or editor) of the journal or book concerned. An appropriate credit line with full publication information should be included in the figure legend or table footnote.


Reprints may be ordered by following the special instructions that will accompany page proofs, and should be ordered at the time the corresponding author returns the corrected page proofs to the Publisher. Reprints ordered after an issue is printed will be charged at a substantially higher rate.


Gaming Law Review: Economics, Regulation, Compliance, and Policy is published 10 times a yearby Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., 140 Huguenot Street, New Rochelle, NY 10801-5215.  Telephone: (914) 740–2100; fax: (914) 740–2101; Email:;

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers has partnered with Editage and Impact Science to provide a dynamic suite of specialized editorial services to ensure your manuscript has the impact it deserves.


Make Your Manuscript Submission-Ready

English Language Editing Services
Our pre-submission English Language Editing Services pair you with a highly qualified native English-speaking editor within your specific field of study. Dedicated support includes a detailed review of grammar, punctuation, terminology, and spelling, as well as an intensive edit for organization. We also offer post-submission support where needed.

English-Language Translation with Editing Services
Write your paper in your native language and our expert team will provide you with a translation that meets international publication standards while preserving the science and accuracy of your manuscript. Our translators and editors offer subject-specific expertise and editing skills to ensure that your manuscript conveys every nuance of your research to a global audience.


Accelerate Your Research Impact

Research Promotion Services
Amplify your research with engaging infographics, video abstracts, plain language summaries, and more to ensure your manuscript is discovered, read, and cited. Our specialized team of communication experts, scientists, and designers will transform your research into impactful text, graphical, and audio-visual formats that resonate with a wider audience and increase engagement.

Visit our Author Services portal now for more information and to get started!


All Editage services are fee-based services that authors can opt-into as an added author benefit to amplify the readability, visibility, findability, and shareability of their work.

Liebert Open Access

Ensure maximum visibility, discoverability, and impact for your article with our Liebert Open Access (OA) option

Explore Liebert Open Access

Does your research funder have an open access mandate or would you like to expand the dissemination of your research?

The Liebert Open Access option enables authors to publish open access in our esteemed subscription-based journals.

The benefits of Liebert Open Access include:

  • High visibility; open access articles are freely available online upon publication
  • You retain copyright with the open access license allowing broad dissemination of your research
  • You can freely share your article in repositories and research networks without restrictions
  • Easy compliance with open access mandates
  • Rigorous editorial and peer-review
  • Targeted email announcement featuring a direct link to article

Identification and Marketing

Open access articles are listed with an OA icon in journal tables of content (TOC), TOC alerts, and in marketing announcements. Open access articles are highlighted and promoted in targeted email announcements to thousands of research leaders in your field.

Copyright and Licensing

If you choose to publish with open access, you will retain copyright of your article and a Creative Commons license will be applied. The liberal Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC-BY) license is the default open access license used at Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. The CC-BY license permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly credited.

At this time we allow authors to choose between the CC-BY or CC-BY-NonCommercial license. A limited number of journals offer NonCommercial licenses exclusively.

Ordering Open Access

Once your article has been accepted for publication in a journal, you will receive an email with information on ordering Liebert Open Access. If you would like more information about Liebert Open Access or would like to order open access, please email

Publishing open access includes an article publication charge (APC) and authors are asked to fill out a short open access order form.  You can pay by credit card or receive an invoice to be returned with payment or via bank transfer. Please remember that traditional subscription journals can carry mandatory or optional author fees. The Liebert Open Access APC does not cover or replace existing publication or author fees.

Publishing biomedical or biotechnology research?

Biomedical researchers should consider publishing in BioResearch Open Access, a fully open access peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing top research in the biomedical and biotechnology fields. For details, please visit the information for authors on the journal website.

 *Please note that PubMedCentral, not the Publisher, has sole control over when the paper is made live on PMC.


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