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    New Space: Opportunities in and to Brazil
    Brazil has tried in the last few years to improve participation in the international scenario and opening opportunities to commercial private companies. Following the signature of the Technical Safeguards Agreements (TSA) between Brazil and United States and the two public calls to use the Alcantara Launching Center, a new environment has formed in Brazil. Several initiatives have been launched to encourage the private sector. For this Special Issue we invite you to submit abstracts which address the highlighted policy gaps and the relevant areas to improve the space sector in Brazil by July 15, 2023.
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Aims & Scope

New Space is the only international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to academic, industry, and government contributions to space entrepreneurship and innovation. Featuring world-class content that covers innovative and expanding applications at the intersection of space science, engineering, policy, and business, the Journal encourages the growth of rapidly expanding enterprises and products that will advance knowledge, benefit society and improve the way we live. New Space is the forum in which innovative applications of new space-based technologies and initiatives will be discovered, identified, discussed, and applied.

New Space coverage includes:

  • Leading-edge research in all engineering and technology disciplines supporting private/public space endeavors, including:
       - Commercial cargo and crew services
       - Space tourism
       - Colonization
       - Deep space research
        - Asteroid mining
  • Policy and regulations
  • Mission concepts and business cases
  • Novel technologies enabling new space, such as:
      - Propulsion
      - Materials
      - Vehicle design
  • Spaceflight participant biomedical issues
  • Space traffic management and operations

Audience: Private space research labs; Government space agencies and labs; University space research centers; Manufacturers of space vehicles; Propulsion systems manufacturers; Space technologists; Space engineers; Astrophysicists; Computer scientists; Communication technology developers; Biomedical technology developers; among others


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