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Table of Contents


Foreward by Kathy Liebert


Chapter 1: The Four Types of Players

Chapter 2: Getting Your Seat at the Table: Breaking into the Boys' Club

Chapter 3: Location, Location, Location

Chapter 4: Stop Betting Like a Girl

Chapter 5: Perception Is Everything

Chapter 6: The Goldilocks Principle: Finding Your Game

Chapter 7: Play the Players, Not Just the Game

Chapter 8: Don't Fall in Love with Your Cards

Chapter 9: Talking Trash

Chapter 10: Why You Need a Little Mystery

Chapter 11: Motivation: Yours and Theirs

Chapter 12: Making Your Move

Chapter 13: You Can't Get Lucky if You Aren't in the Hand

Chapter 14: The Art of Bluffing

Chapter 15: Sharpening Your Skills

Chapter 16: Recognize and Exploit Your Strength

Chapter 17: Down Doesn't Mean Out

Chapter 18: The Risk vs. Reward Ratio

Chapter 19: Stay On Your Game

Chapter 20: Men vs. Women: The Double Standard

Chapter 21: Stack the Deck in Your Favor


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