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Clinical Thyroidology®
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Aims & Scope

Thyroid® is the leading, peer-reviewed resource for original articles, patient-focused reports, and translational research on thyroid cancer and all thyroid related diseases. The Journal delivers the latest findings on topics from primary care to clinical application, and is the exclusive source for the authoritative and updated American Thyroid Association® (ATA) Guidelines for Managing Thyroid Disease.

Thyroid coverage includes:

  • Thyrotoxicosis, thyroid hormone resistance, and hypothyroidism
  • Thyroid status testing
  • Autoimmune thyroid illness
  • Dysthyroid orbitopathy (Graves’ Ophthalmopathy)
  • Nodular thyroid disease
  • Thyroid surgery
  • Thyroid imaging
  • Pediatric and neonatal thyroid disorder
  • Genetics of thyroid disease
  • Thyroid diseases and pregnancy
  • Iodine deficiency, goiter-hypothyroidism-neurological dysfunction
  • Cell biology of the thyrocyte
  • Nuclear and extranuclear actions of thyroid hormones
  • Brain-pituitary-thyroid regulation
  • Animal models of thyroid disease

Thyroid is under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief Electron Kebebew, Chief, Division of General Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine, and other leading investigators. View the entire editorial board.

Audience: Endocrinologists, obstetricians, surgeons, primary care clinicians, oncologists, cell biologists, and pathologists, among others

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The Official Journal of the American Thyroid Association


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