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Table of Contents

PROLOGUE: How It All Came to Pass
CHAPTER 1: When Politics and Healthcare Became Fun Again
CHAPTER 2: My Trip There and Back or I Was There When Healthcare Was Reinvented
CHAPTER 3: iPods, Interplanetary Travel, and What I Can Do to Transform Healthcare
CHAPTER 4: AIR BNB or Am I Ready to Believe (Not Blame)
CHAPTER 5: Overcoming Inertia, Icebergs, and Iron Triangles: A No-Blame VAPOR Strikes THE EVENT
CHAPTER 6: Getting From Here To There: From Fear and Opacity to Optimism and Transparency
CHAPTER 7: Healthcare Systems and Homo Sapiens
CHAPTER 8: Let My Perceptions Go: Ten Commandments and a Dozen Disruptors
CHAPTER 9: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The American Healthcare Overhaul
CHAPTER 10: Of Consumerism and Community Centers of Well-Being
CHAPTER 11: Of Wizards, Mindsets, and Perinatal Mortality
CHAPTER 12: See One, Do One, Teach One. No More
CHAPTER 13: From Marcus Welby to House: How Did We Get There?
CHAPTER 14: White Dresses, Black Turtlenecks, and Snakes
CHAPTER 15: Of Google, Goggles, and Foggles
CHAPTER 16: Of Holiday Shopping and Healthcare: The Great Lie of Patient-Centered Care
CHAPTER 17: Doc Well and the Optimistic Future of Healthcare
CHAPTER 18: Hospital and University Rankings: Other Planets Weigh ln
CHAPTER 19: Betting the Pharma on a New Healthcare Solution
CHAPTER 20: Of Alt-Uber and Emerging Health Professions
CHAPTER 21: Back to Blaming
CHAPTER 22: Of Payors, the Patriots, and Polaris Submarines
CHAPTER 23: If Steve Jobs Ran Your Health System: App-celerated Access and Intuitive Patient Experience
CHAPTER 24: Death, Democracy, and Saying No to Drugs
CHAPTER 25: I Wasn't Born to Follow: Emerging Leadership in Healthcare
CHAPTER 26: Sugar Is Not So Sweet: Chronic Diseases, Coordination, and Communication
CHAPTER 27: I Am Not Alone: A Systems Approach to Healthcare
CHAPTER 28: Of Kurzweil, Commandments, and Colonoscopy Jokes
CHAPTER 29: Of Democrats, Disenfranchised Republicans, and Duck Dynasty
CHAPTER 30: We Watch Sanjay Gupta Get the Scoop
EPILOGUE: Meanwhile Back in the West Wing
  Homework–Your Back-to-School Opportunity
  The Playlist
  Interviews Unplugged
  Special Message to the Congress
  From President Harry Truman
  List of Acronyms
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