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For Reviewers

Peer review is essential for ensuring the quality of the research we publish. 

General Information

We recognize the vital role that our reviewers play in ensuring the publication of trusted research. We have created the following guide to assist you.

The peer review process

When a manuscript is submitted to a Liebert journal, it undergoes initial editorial review by the editor(s). If the editors determine that the manuscript should proceed to external review, they will invite reviewers with the applicable expertise. Most journals require a minimum of two external peer reviews.

Once all reviews have been returned, the editor(s) will evaluate the reviews and issue a decision to the authors.

How to be added as a potential reviewer

If you are interested in reviewing for one of the journals, please contact the editor/editorial office to inquire. Contact information is available on the journal’s home page.

What to consider if you are invited to review
  • Expertise: Only accept invitations where you have the requisite expertise to review. If you are unsure, please check with the editor.
  • Conflicts of Interest: If you have any competing interests, past or present collaboration, or concerns about objectivity, you should decline the invitation. If you are unsure, please check with the editor.
  • Availability: Most of our journals allow 2-3 weeks to review. If you do not have the time to complete the review in a timely manner, you should decline the invitation. You may also check with the editor before deciding, to see if there is any flexibility in the timeline.
  • Confidentiality: All manuscripts should be held in strict confidence. Do not share the manuscript, or any information related to it, with others. Do not contact or disclose your identity to the authors. (Liebert journals are single or double blind and reviewer identities are kept confidential.)
  • If, during the course of the review, you have any ethics or publication integrity concerns, please contact the journal editor.
How to Review
  • Accepting an invitation: If you are invited to review, you will receive an email from the journal. It will contain a link to accept or decline the invitation. If you accept the invitation, you will receive a follow up email with a link to the manuscript and the reviewer scoresheet.
  • Accessing the review dashboard
    • Direct link: This link will be in your confirmation email.
    • Log in: If you have difficulty accessing the link, you may log in directly, by accessing the peer review system and proceeding to your reviewer dashboard. If you do not know your password, the password help link will provide instructions on resetting it.
    • For assistance, please contact Peer Review Operations Support.
Instructions for specific journals
  • The journal for which you are reviewing may have additional instructions. They may be included in your confirmation email, or in the instructions tab of your scoresheet.
General Considerations

In order to evaluate the author’s claims, and to advise the editor(s) accordingly, please consider the following:

  • Is the research original, clearly explained, and supported?
  • Is the data complete, accurate, and easily accessible?
  • Are the figures and tables, clear, readable, and support the conclusions of the manuscript?
  • Are the methods and protocols clearly defined?
  • Is supporting data included in manuscript, as supplementary material, or via a link to a repository?
  • Ethics: Are there any obvious ethics issues? Are appropriate approvals and ethics protocols stated in the manuscript? Are there any concerns about plagiarism, or data or image manipulation?
  • Are the citations complete and relevant?
Completing the scoresheet
  • Questionnaire: Your journal may ask specific questions about the manuscript. Please answer these fully.
  • Additional Comments: You will also have the option to enter additional comments to the editors (which the authors will not see) and the authors.
    • Guide to adding comments:
      • Summary, major, minor points
      • General comments, overall impressions, novelty, importance to the field
      • Specific notes for improvement
      • Details/minor points
  • Reviewer recommendation: You will be required to make a recommendation (Accept, Reject, Minor/Major Revision)
  • Notes
    • Anonymizing your review. All of our journals blind the identity of the reviewers. However, please take care when entering comments, and especially when attaching files, to ensure that you have not included identifying information in the review, or in the file metadata.
  • Requesting an extension: If you need more time to complete your review, please contact the journal Editor or editorial office. Contact information is available on the journal home page.
  • Reviewing revisions: We encourage reviewers to agree to review revised manuscripts. If you are unable or unwilling to review a revision, please indicate so on your original review.
Reviewer Recognition

We recognize and acknowledge the vital role of reviewers. In order to recognize your efforts, we offer the following:

  • Inclusion in the journal’s yearly list of reviewers. These acknowledgements will be published in the journal’s first or last issue of the year.
  • Receipt of an official reviewer contribution certificate from the journal. A number of our journals will automatically send a certificate upon completion of a confirmed review. If the journal for which you have reviewed does not, you may request a certificate by contacting Peer Review Operations Support.