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Reprints, Rights and Permissions

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Reprints from our highly cited, prestigious journals are an excellent way to deliver information about your company and promote your company’s products and services. Use them to increase exposure with credible and unbiased information, to educate your salesforce, and to keep shareholders and prospects current. Our reprints make valuable sales tools for trade shows, conferences, educational seminars, and mailings, and will help drive traffic to your website. Custom covers and supplementary material may be added. Translations are available in any language.

To order reprints, click the Reprints link adjacent to the article in the journals TOC or contact us directly at


With seamless access and secure delivery, our journal article ePrints are user friendly, mobile-ready, and ideal for sharing. They offer control and flexibility, are not hampered by firewalls, won’t be caught in anti-virus software, and will never violate user privacy. Our ePrints are viewable on tablets, all mobile devices, and desktops with printing capabilities available. Technical features include simple navigational text viewing, custom formatting for small devices, the option of page flipping/continuous flow of content, bookmarking, audio/video active viewer embedding, reference links, and scholarly article quick links. We can provide time and usage reporting as often as requested, and renewal and expiration notifications. Any elements available as reprints, as well as translations, are also available as ePrints.

To order ePrints, please contact us at

Rights & Permissions

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers partners with Copyright Clearance Center to meet your licensing needs. With Copyright Clearance Center's Rightslink® service, it's faster and easier than ever before to secure permission from our titles to be reused in a book, journal/magazine, newsletter/newspaper, CD-ROM/DVD, brochure/pamphlet, photocopy, coursepack, email, or slide kit/presentation.

Simply click on "Current Issue" or "Archive" in the navigation for any of our publications and locate your desired content, then click the Permissions link adjacent to the article to open Rightslink®.

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