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Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Journal Archives ensure your researchers have access to everything they need from wherever they are working — from the latest innovations to foundational, field-defining discoveries across science, medicine, and more.

Complete Your Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Journal Collection with Archives

Acquisition of the Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Archive will:

  • Secure perpetual access to all content published in all 90+ Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. journals, from volume 1, issue 1
  • Deliver an important historical, retrospective complement to the cutting-edge research and innovations being published in current volumes
  • Make it easy for you to purchase the exact titles you need for the volume years you need
  • Support archival and historical research being done by your researchers to drive current innovations and discoveries forward
  • Provide access to and a record of research done by your institution’s researchers in these important areas of inquiry over time and in perpetuity

We are pleased to offer completely flexible options for our journal archives. Secure perpetual access to as many titles, for as many years as needed, to ensure access to the content that your users rely on for essential research.

Contact us today at for flexible options tailored to your library.