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Jul 28 - Jul 30, 2021
Genome Writers Guild Conference (GWG) (Digital Event)

The GWG2021 Conference “Scripting Life for a Healthy Planet” is uniquely focused on highlighting the newest gene-editing science, its impact on stakeholders, and communication to the lay public. Staying informed is essential: a fact underscored by the COVID pandemic.

We advocate for informed citizens by hearing from the public most affected by advances in gene editing and the scientists making these advances happen. Thus, we’re inviting patients, farmers, and other agriculture specialists, ethicists, regulators, and more

Conference highlights: Rosalind Franklin Medal Award and invited speaker, Dr. Kevin Davies.

GWG and RFS honor women in science
. The Genome Writers Guild (GWG) and Rosalind Franklin Society have joined forces to recognize outstanding scientists with the Rosalind Franklin Medal. The Medal recognizes the exceptional body of research of a woman in genome engineering and nucleic acids research.

This award unites GWG’s objectives of facilitating genome writing conversation, collaboration, and exposure with the Rosalind Franklin Society’s goals of enabling more women to achieve higher recognition, visibility, appointments, and success in industry, academia, or government.

Dr. Kevin Davies leads a panel discussion. The session, “Genome Editing for Meeting 21st Century Needs,” features a panel discussion led by Dr. Kevin Davies, author of “Editing Humanity: The CRISPR Revolution and the New Era of Genome Editing.” Dr. Davies is also executive editor of the CRISPR Journal, published by Mary Ann Liebert Inc.