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Apr 10 - Apr 14, 2018
Therapeutic Targeting of Hypoxia-Sensitive Pathways
Oxford, UK

Tissue oxygen gradients contribute to morphogenesis and in health cells in different tissues function under differing ambient oxygen conditions. Diseases or environmental challenges can reduce oxygen supply or increase demand, resulting in tissue hypoxia. Adaptive mechanisms have evolved that range from almost instantaneous acute ventilatory changes, through transcriptional events entrained in hours, to epigenetic events with slower effects and genetic adaptations selected across species and over generations.

High Altitude Medicine & Biology is the only peer-reviewed journal covering the medical and biological issues that impact human life at high altitudes. The Journal delivers critical findings on the impact of high altitude on lung and heart disease, appetite and weight loss, pulmonary and cerebral edema, hypertension, dehydration, infertility, and other diseases. It covers the full spectrum of high altitude life sciences from pathology to human and animal ecology.

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