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Liebert Open Access Publishing Services

Liebert Open Access provides open access publishing solutions for authors, research organizations, and institutions. We aim to help the academic community to share discoveries and disseminate research as widely as possible.


For Authors

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For Librarians and Corporate Customers

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For Editors, Societies and Publishing Partners

  • Publish your existing journal or a new journal with us
  • Affiliate with a Liebert Open Access journal and maximize your organization’s scientific impact
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Partnerships and Societies: Choose Liebert Open Access as Your Publishing Partner

Benefit from our independence and experience

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. has been an independent force in scholarly publishing and the information industry for over 35 years. Whether you are interested in launching a new journal, transferring your existing journal to a new publisher, or affiliating with one of our open access journals, we encourage you to choose us as your publishing partner.

About Liebert Open Access journals

Liebert Open Access journals are a portfolio of peer-reviewed, fully open access journals publishing in all areas of science. Our portfolio ranges from very specialized titles like Journal of Endourology Case Reports to BioResearch Open Access, our broad interdisciplinary journal which publishes research in areas of biomedicine and biotechnology. We publish customized open access publications like Healthcare Transformation. Overall, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. has a long history of publishing journals in collaboration with learned societies, institutions, funders, and research organizations.

Unparalleled Publishing Services

We are world renowned for establishing premier and authoritative journals. We have the experience, technology, and dedicated staff to give your journal the individual attention needed for success. Our experienced staff will provide expert peer review and uphold the highest standards of scientific publishing. Our production department provides various services like copyediting, semantic linking, superior typesetting, and optimized metadata for discoverability. Additionally, we convert articles to standard publication formats such as full text HTML, full text PDF files, and full text interactive PDF files with linking.

Posting an article online is simply not enough. We ensure that articles published in our journals are made discoverable, included in major bibliographic databases, and placed into the scientific record. We use XML metadata and full text format which enables published articles to be included in major indexing and abstracting (A&I) services. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. partners with major A&I services to ensure that our journals and published articles are discoverable in bibliographic databases, library catalog systems, and available for citation tracking.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for creating timely article-level press release (PR) campaigns to showcase the latest research findings published in our journals. We employ services like Eurekalert, Alphagalileo, and PR Log to ensure that our selected PRs are picked up by news outlets. In addition, we utilize customized e-mail campaigns and eNewsletters to promote journal articles to targeted audiences. Lastly, we attend scientific meetings to promote our journals and connect with the scientific community.

Amplify your organization’s scientific impact by affiliating with Liebert Open Access

We partner with learned societies and research organizations to form collaborative relationships with our open access journals. We offer our publishing partners the opportunity endorse a journal for their members and provide a publication outlet for their educational activities (e.g. conference proceedings, customized educational content). It is imperative for societies, and research organizations, to advance science by placing their research findings and conference materials into the scientific record. Unfortunately, a lot of scientific findings become lost or undiscoverable on the internet. Our open access journals are a perfect vehicle for making your contributions discoverable, and recorded for future impact.


Publish Your Supplement or Custom Content Publication with Liebert Open Access

Publishing a supplement or custom content with Liebert Open Access is an effective way of disseminating scientific discoveries and conference material to your targeted audiences. Most importantly, Liebert Open Access journals provide the necessary vehicle for preserving and adding your scientific findings to the scientific record which is essential for the development of science.

Liebert Open Access will publish the following types of supplements:

  • Proceedings (full articles, presentations, and meeting abstracts)
  • Research article collections
  • Review article collections
  • Case report or case study collections

Additionally, we offer a variety of sponsored content choices to highlight topics which are most important to you. We work with you to brand or customize existing content, create content, or extend planned live content into enduring materials with the power to build mindshare and extend educational reach through our vertical markets and global communities.

We will publish the following types of customized content:

  • Roundtable discussion articles featuring Key Opinion Leaders
  • Branded eNewsletters
  • Open access books
  • Custom web briefs and webinars
  • Custom content (white papers, educational columns, meeting reports, etc.)

All supplements or custom content published in Liebert Open Access journals are:

  • Editorial and/or peer reviewed
  • Freely available online without barriers or paywall to view articles
  • Deposited into a preservation archive
  • Indexed into the scientific record
  • Promoted via marketing campaigns and press releases