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Special Issue on the Learning Foundations and Practice of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

" In these polarized times of fake news and climate change denial on one hand and calls for transformative change and progressive capitalism on the other the wise and visionary articles in this special issue are more important now than ever " says Dr Harold Glasser Guest Editor " By honestly and openly grappling with the promise and challenges of the UN SDGs they shine a bright light on the path forward to achieving sustainable well-being societies " ...


Reflections on the past: Three principals discuss the MPSC ruling on the BGE proposal

SJoR is partnering with the University of Michigan to publish select Michigan Sustainability Cases. The first, "Smarting over Smart Meters: Does Smart Grid Technology Have a Home in Maryland?" is available at and this is the accompanying podcast to that case.

The podcast, "Reflections on the past: Three principals discuss the MPSC ruling on the BGE proposal" is hosted by U of M’s Edward Waisanen and features Judge Douglas Nazarian of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, Paula Carmody of the People’s Counsel for the Maryland Office of People's Counsel, and Kimberly Curry of the Counsel for Baltimore Gas and Electric.


Universities Release Results on Nitrogen Footprints



Assessing Community Need and Interest To Address City-Wide Sustainability Issues: A Tri-Part Collaboration between Local City Government, Community Partners, and a University

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