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Table of Contents

Table of Contents (PDF Version)


Introduction: From Climate to ChromosomesKaren Cloud-Hansen, Daniel Lee Kleinman,  Christina Matta, and Jo Handelsman

Part I: Stem Cell Research – Science, Religion, and Public Policy

  • Human Embryonic Stem Cells and the Future of Medicine – Carl Gulbrandsen and Jill Ladwig
  • Embryological Origins of the Human Individual – Karen M. Downs
  • The Catholic Church and Stem Cell Research – Tadeusz Pacholczyk
  • Judaism and Stem Cells – Elliot N. Dorff
  • Islamic Perspectives on the Ethics of Stem Cell Research – Abdulaziz Sachedina

Part II: Information Technology – Inequality, Identity, and Invasions of Privacy

  • Our Information Future: From Open Source Software to the Digital Divide – Travis Kriplean and Daniel Kleinman
  • Whither the Digital Divide? – Mark Warschauer
  • The Balance of Privacy and Security – Eugene H. Spafford and Annie I. Antón
  • Digital Search and Seizure: Updating Privacy Protections to Keep Pace with  Technology – James X. Dempsey
  • Lip-Synching at the Lectern: Information Technology and the Interpersonal   Divide – Michael Bugeja

Part III: Space Exploration – Reasons and Risks

  • An Historical Overview of US Manned Space Exploration – Roger D. Launius
  • Technical and Managerial Factors in the NASA Challenger and Columbia Losses: Looking Forward to the Future – Nancy Leveson
  • On Slippery Slopes, Repeating Negative Patterns, and Learning from Mistake: NASA’s Space Shuttle Disasters – Diane Vaughan
  • Justifiably Within the Risk – James Lattis

Part IV: Global Warming – Scientific Data, Social Impacts, and Political Debate

  • The Politics of Climate Change – Clark A. Miller
  • Climate Change: Impacts and Implications for Justice – Stephen H. Schneider and Patricia Mastrandrea
  • The Steps Not Yet Taken – Daniel Sarewitz and Roger Pielke, Jr.
  • The Interpretation of Air Temperature Trends and Their Impact on Public Policy – David R. Legates
  • Rising Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Plant Biology: The Overlooked Paradigm – Lewis H. Ziska

Part V: Biology and Gender – Scientific Careers and Scientific Theories

  • Perception Bias, Social Inclusion, and Sexual Selection: Power Dynamics in Science and  Nature – Patricia Adair Gowaty 
  • Social Selection vs. Sexual Selection: Comparison of Hypotheses – Joan Roughgarden
  • It’s a Boy!  Gender Expectations Intrude on the Study of Sex Determination – Caitilyn Allen
  • Sex Beyond the Karyotype – Alice Dreger
  • Ambiguous Bodies and Deviant Sexualities: Hermaphrodites, Homosexuality, and Surgery in the United States, 1850–1904 – Christina  Matta    
  • The Larry Summers Hypothesis: Innate Inability or Bias? – Ben Barres


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