Aims & Scope

PGT-ER™ Endowment Reprintables aids gift-planners in introducing one of the most satisfying gift opportunities to donors: endowments. Conveniently located on a single CD, you'll find 40 endowment reprintables ready to use and royalty-free - simply customize and go.

PGT-ER™ Endowment Reprintables also includes 19 publishing tips to help you get the most out of your endowment articles. Whether you have a new or well-established program, you'll get a lot of mileage out of these reprintables.

Get creative! There are many ways to use the marketing articles from the Endowment CD:

  • As is 
  • With adaptation
  • As idea boosters
  • Paired with photos
  • In brochures
  • Oral presentations
  • On a web site


PGT-ER™ contains 33 Endowment Reprintables and 19 Publishing Tips that also appear on PGT-MR™. Reprintables are produced as Microsoft Word® documents and in Rich Text Format.

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