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About This Book

This ‘must read’ book for women applies the strategies of poker to life — stop betting like a girl and play to win!

"Success is in the Cards" according to Ellen Leikind!

PokerWoman™: How to Win at Love, Life, and Business using the Principles of Poker teaches women how to apply the principles of poker to all aspects of their lives to get what they want, even if they've never played a hand of cards.

Poker isn’t just a card game—it’s a metaphor for life. A game of luck and psychology combined with skill, and making the most of the cards you are dealt. Poker is traditionally dominated by men, and Ellen Leikind encourages women to stop betting like a girl and play to win with chapters on:

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• Breaking into the Boys club
• Picking up on non-verbal cues
• How to bluff at the right time
• Knowing when to raise the stakes and be aggressive
• Choosing the right game
• How to assess risk

Whether the game is cards, romance, or business PokerWoman™ teaches women how to overcome their fears and doubts, find their voice, figure out what they want, and claim their rightful seat at the table. Using personal stories from successful women, the book illustrates how to sharpen instincts, pick up on signals, and think strategically to get what you want in life. Although easy-to-follow instructions and games rules are included, PokerWoman™ is not a “how to play” book; instead, it teaches women how to win their own game.

About the Author

Author Ellen Leikind’s philosophy is simple and effective, poker isn’t just a card game—it’s a metaphor for life. Leikind is the founder of POKERprimaDIVAS® (, a company that provides corporate programs and entertainment to teach women to use the principles acquired at the poker table to enhance their business skills.


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